TradFest 2016 Festival of Tradition
and Conservative Ideas
Hotel Dubrovnik, Zagreb
24. - 27. October 2016.
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What is TradFest?

TradFest is an annual international gathering of traditional and conservative leaders, thinkers and activists who through their endeavours promote the (re)establishment of traditional and conservative values in Croatia and the world.

TradFest is an unapologetic festival of traditional and conservative ideas in contrast to so called ‘progressive’ and militant secularist ideas and policies which have in a violent and revolutionary manner in the past subdued and are still today more than 25 years after the fall of communism actively working to deconstruct and do away with the traditional, conservative and Christian foundations and culture of Croatia, Europe and the Western world.


TradFest in a postive manner desires to provoke a thought process with follow on activities that will react to and counter negative ‘progressive’ developments in society and actively disseminate and promote a return to tradition, order, and conservative and Catholic values. The desire is to create a society that is attuned towards the family and the development of a creative and open disposition in civil society, politics and economics.

TradFest creates a space for the spreading of good ideas, personal contacts and networking of people with similar views and values. As such it works to help Croatia to throw off the destructive remnents of communism and to grow into a mature society by re-integrating its rich Christian heritage and culture.


Cardinal/Kardinal Raymond Leo Burke

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke
Cardinal Patronus of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

dr. Vice John Batarelo

Dr. Vincent John Batarelo
Vigilare Foundation, president

Luka Popov
Dr. Luka Popov
Vigilare Foundation, vicepresident
Hrvoje Serdarušić
Hrvoje Serdarušić, MSc
Vigilare Foundation, management board
Davor Ivo Stier
Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Sławomir Olejniczak
Piotr Skarga Institute (Poland), president
Damir Stojić
Rev. Fr. Damir Stojić, SDB
Students’ chaplain iz Zagreb
Aleksander Stepkowski

Prof. Aleksander Stepkowski
Former Depudy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Poland; Profesor of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw; President of Ordo Iuris Poland

Dr. Clemens Cavallin
Dr. Clemens Cavallin
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
John-Henry Westen

John-Henry Westen
Life Site News, Editor and Co-Founder

Ante Čaljkušić
NGO “Croatia for Life”, president; Organizer of civil initiative “the 40 Days for Life” (Croatia)
Dr. Robin Harris

Dr. Robin Harris
Historian and author of the newly released book „Stepinac His Life and Times“; Lecturer at Catholic University of Croatia

Dr. Jure Krišto
Dr. Jure Krišto
Professor Emeritus, Croatian Institute for History, Zagreb
Don Markušić

Don Markušić, mag. iur.
Lawyer; Vicepresident of Transparency International Croatia

Hrvoje Zekanović
Hrvoje Zekanović
Member of the Croatian Parliament
Krešimir Planinić
Krešimir Planinić, mag. iur.
NGO “U ime obitelji” (“In the name of the Family”)
Stjepo Bartulica

Dr. Stephen Bartulica
Center for the Renewal of Culture

Hrvoje Sležak
Hrvoje Šlezak, MSc
Assistant Minister in the Ministry of science, education and sports in Croatia
Krešimir Miletić
Krešimir Miletić
NGO “Bl. Alojzije Stepinac”
Kristina Pavlović

Kristina Pavlović, prof.
NGO “GROZD”, president

Ivan Prskalo
Ivan Prskalo, mag. iur.
Civil initiative Ordo Iuris Croatia
Cantores sancti Marci
Mješoviti pjevački zbor


Monday, 24. October 2016.
19:00 h Offical openning

Canticorum jubilo, Georg Friedrich Handel
Cantores sancti Marci, oratorium choir of St. Mark’s Church

Greeting speech
Bravely Promoting and Defending the Tried and Tested

Dr. Vice John Batarelo
Davor Ivo Stier
Defending Christian Principles in Public Life: Remarks on Pro-life Campaigns in Poland
Sławomir Olejniczak
Motet Ubi caritas, Maurice Durufle
Cantores sancti Marci, oratorium choir of St. Mark’s Church
Cardinal Raymond Burke. A Short Introduction.
Rev. Fr. Damir Stojić, SDB
Keynote speech
The Gospel of Life and a New Evangelization
Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke
Tuesday, 25. October 2016.
18:00 h Between the Defense of Tradition and the Reality Postmodernism: Poland and Sweden
Defending Family and Life in contemporary Europe – Polish experience
Dr.  Aleksander Stepkowski
A Most Secular Nation
Dr. Clemens Cavallin
– Panel –
Traditional and Conservative in a Standoff with Militant Secularism in Croatia and Europe
Moderator: Hrvoje Serdarušić

  • Hrvoje Zekanović
  • Krešimir Planinić
  • Dr. Stephen Bartulica
  • Luka Popov
  • Vincent John Batarelo
Wednesday, 26. October 2016.
18:00 h The Contours of the Civilisation of Death. Why and How to Oppose it.
The Final Confrontation Between the Church and the anti-Church
John-Henry Westen
Therefore Choose Life! The 40 Days for Life Initiative
Ante Čaljkušić
Presentation of the TradFest Award “Witness of the Year”
Mr. Ante Čaljkušić and the 40 Days for Life (Croatia)
– Panel –
How long are we to have sex ed and gender ideology in Croatian schools?
Moderator: Ivan Mihanović

  • Hrvoje Sležak
  • Krešimir Miletić
  • Kristina Pavlović
  • Ivan Prskalo
Thursday, 27. October 2016.
18:00 h Stepinac a Name and a Notion
Stepinac, a Man, a Name and a Nation still being Manipulated
Don Markušić
Why Stepinac is not controversial?
Dr. Jure Krišto
Stepinac and His Times
Dr. Robin Harris

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