Jerzy Kwaśniewski is a civil litigation and criminal defense attorney, focused on protection of pro-life activists and values such as freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and human dignity. Besides his professional practice as partner in Parchimowicz & Kwaśniewski law firm, Jerzy Kwaśniewski serves as a Vice President of the OrdoIuris Institute since 2013. Under his leadership, Ordo Iuris litigation department provided legal assistance in many precedent cases and contributed to the shift the Polish court jurisprudence concerning medical professional conscientious clause as well as freedom of speech and right to assembly and presentation of pro-life explicit banners in anti-abortion protests across the country. OrdoIuris lawyers provide also legal aidprotecting family integrity and respect for family life against violations rooted in social services law and domestic violence law.
Appointed by the Minister of Justice as member of the Respect for Famili Life and Family Autonomy Council. Supporter of the family rights as author of new counter-violence law reform and member of governmental Monitoring Council for Combating Domestic Violence.Vice-President of Stop Abortion Citizens’ Legislative Initiative in 2016.
He and his wife have four children.