Dr. Imre Téglásy is a retired professor for Latin and Hungarian language.
His father was a professional soldier and declared a class-enemy of the new Communist regime. He was sacked at once and removed with his wife and two sons from Budapest to the Great Hungarian Plain (puszta). They were ordered not to leave their dwelling place. He could hardly find the most basic job so his family was starving.
In this sad plight Imre’s father’s wife realized she was pregnant. He tried to protect his son Imre, but his wife mother did not want to carry him to term. In the early ’50s was not so simple to get rid of an unborn baby so she asked her father staying in the capital to get a doctor who would be willing to perform the abortion. Imre’s grandfather found such a doctor in Budapest but class enemies were not allowed to leave the plain, so while his father was absent she tried to cause an abortion by jumping down from a kitchen table; when that failed she took very hot baths in a tub but they were not successful either. Then she got a lot of quinine pills from her brother. She took them but they were not sufficient to cause a miscarriage so Imre was born.
Imre heard the story of his birth accidentally when he was 11 years old and when his father and he were staying in Croatia (Nova Gradiska) with relatives (family Polgár). It was late at night and he had gone to bed in the room in which his father and relatives were talking. At that time Imre’s parents had already divorced and one of relatives asked why. Thinking he was asleep, Imre’s father told them the story. As Imre lay there in bed, neither a small child nor an adult, he cried, speechlessly, all night long into my pillow – he experienced an emotional earthquake. He felt good himself and hr did not know why his mother had tried to kill him at all. he is still looking for the answer which is perhaps blowing with the wind, since she died some years ago.
In fact his mother tried to kill him, terrorised by the economical pressure of the regime and when it was not successful she didn’t give me suck, so I was neither able to enjoy her milk nor her love. Later when he was two years old he was found by a very nice young lady who lifted him up to her heart from under the kitchen table.
His biological mother could not love him although he was begging or dancing for her approval and acceptance. He studied well, became a well-known writer by publishing several books, carried out scientific research and won academic honours but everything seemed to be in vain since he was not able to win her love. Before her death the Lord gave him the answer by His merciful forgiveness.
He is still working for Alpha Alliance for Life that is affiliated with Human Life International – Hungary. Since the foundation year of the Alpha Alliance for Life 1996 they were able to save moere than 43 Thousand families from abortion, infanticide, forced adoption and from different illnesses of the civilisation of death.
The USA-based pro-life organisation named Heartbeat International awarded him with the prestigious „Servant Leader” in Baltimore and the UK-based UK Life League in Edinborough awarded him with the socalled „Jochebed” Award.
However he do think that the greatest gift he was given by Lord is, that he could father ten children. He thinks that God, the Lord of the Creation, awarded him with this large and beautiful family. He was privileged to meet in 1997 with John Paul II who gave his blessings to the volunteers, clients and aims of his organisation.