Politicolog, historian, translator and publicist.
Dr. Boris Havel was born in Sarajevo where he finished secondary school and started studying at Law faculty. From 1990 he studied Swedish, English and theology in city of Uppsala, Sweden. From 1993 to 2002 he worked as Swedish and English interpreter and translator. At the University Livets Ord/Oral Roberts University in Uppsala at 2001 he graduated International relations and History. His master degree he got from comparative religions in 2005 at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and his PhD got at Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb in 2012 with theme „Religious aspects of Arab-Israeli conflict“. He worked in Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and as an external associate lecture at the Bible Institute and the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. He published a number of scientific, professional and publicity articles. He published several scientific and expert articles related to the Middle East and two books („Arab-Israeli Conflict: Religion, Politics and History of the Holy Land“ and „History of Israel from Abraham to Modern State“) and Swedish-Bosnian dictionary. He is a permanent court interpreter for English, Hebrew and Swedish. He is currently a docent at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb.